Friday, December 17, 2010

Observe and Report

Observe and Report is directed by Jody Hill and starring Seth Rogen. I normally don't like a lot of Seth Rogens work but I loved this movie. There's a bunch of subtle humor that I find amazing.

In this movie Seth Rogen is a mall cop who takes his job very seriously. He is trying to find a man who goes to the mall in a trench coat and flashing women in the parking lot. A detective comes in and tries to find the flasher while Seth Rogen does everything in his power to keep him out and find the flasher first.

Sorry for the short summaries of the movies, I just try not to give too much away so that people can fully enjoy the film while watching it the first time.

 As comedies go this is an amazing movie and I would easily give it an 8 out of 10.


  1. Haha yeah that movie made me laugh pretty hard! He takes his job so seriously and all haha

  2. I love all of Seth Rogens work! Looking forward to Green Hornet but I havnt seen this yet...

  3. Its funny cause this came out at the same time as 'Paul Blart' which was horrible yet it made less money. The film gets taken up a notch when you realize just how insane Seth Rogens character is in the film. And even more when you see the resemblence in people in the same position in real life.

  4. Haha yeah it was really bad timing with them releasing this movie within months of Paul Blart coming out. I have no idea why they did that