Saturday, December 25, 2010

Oh the 25th of December.

So like most Americans I celebrate Christmas for almost no reason because I'm not religious. All I know is that I seem to get free stuff every year at this time so it's pretty sweet. So this year I got a few movies(who would of guessed) a couple of video games including Fable 3 for Xbox 360 and luckily I got money. This last semester of college I had a fitness class and used it to my advantage to run as often as possible and lose weight without having a gym membership. Sadly that class has no ended and I'm wanting to work out more than ever. So now that Christmas has come and magically given me money I'm going to a gym that's a half mile from my apartment tomorrow to get my first membership! I'm not horribly out of shape, I was in the army for a few years so I still have some muscle mass and haven't gained too much weight. So the reason I'm posting is to help motivate me to reach my goal, I'll be spending all of January running 3 miles three times a week along with some light lifting and other cardio to drop weight. After I've reach my sucessful weight I'll be changing up my routine completely and adding protein powder into the mix and start lifting heavily to bulk up. I'll be taking "before" pictures tomorrow so I have a decent comparison and when I feel like I've made good progress I'll post a before and after on the blog. For all of you fitness people, feel free to link me some routines you enjoy or even supplements you take.

Also sorry for not posting as much as I should, I've been busy with work! <3 ttyl


  1. Google 5x5 routines. Lift heavy and eat every 3 hours, if you want to lose weight -500cal than your maintenance calories. That's the best tips I have

  2. 5x5 is ok. Stay away from Starting Strength(SS). I'm sure Mens Health/Fitness will be publishing 'GET IN SHAPE NOW FATTY FAT FAT" articles galour in the next month.
    Also, if your going to increase your activity level don't bother cutting food. Eat the same calories just more healthy ones and protien to build muscle. Now say it with me....BEEFCAKE!

  3. I lose weight through E/C/A stack. I dont know if youve read my blog but I spend alot of time indoors so with this I can lose weight by sitting inside and drinking mountain dew, the only downside is probably the pounds of sweat BUT if you take bacon grease and rub it on your face you wont sweat.. family secret